Who We Are?

Our Mission

Vazhga Valamudan Pasum Pal Pvt Ltd, founded in February 2024, is a farm to table dairy products company, operating in Chennai and the adjacent locations. As of now, our base of operations is around Guduvanchery. We aim to soon break our boundary and reach new places to serve new customers.


We provide fresh milk from farm to family. We use a simple collections process, immediate chilling of the milk to prevent spoilage. We ensure that the milk reaches our customers, within hours of getting the same.

Our Process

Once we collect the milk from dairy farmers, we immediately chill the milk in our BMC (Bulk Milk Cooler) and bottle it safe for transportation.

The cooling process ensures that your milk stays fresh during transportation and reaches you in the best form possible.


We don’t

  • Boil the milk.
  • Pasteurise the milk
  • Add preservatives.

Get a sample bottle

Want to get a sample? Or Do you have any questions? We are always open to talk about our dairy farm.